Sensors for the construction industry

Created as a result of research and development, moisture sensor labels are dedicated to representatives of the construction industry, and their basic aim is to effectively identify and maintain high quality building materials. It is also important to note that sensor labels (thanks to the possibility of overprinting) can have an information and marketing function.

The product in the form of sensor labels is characterised in particular by:

- the presence of moisture or flood sensor,

- the possibility to read the sensor status by radio,

- the possibility to carry out collective inspection, e.g. of the entire palette,

- no need for eye contact " with the goods being inspected. The goods may be covered with a tarpaulin, or wrapped with foil. (information is transmitted by radio waves)

- the possibility to integrate the sensor into the marketing area of the packaging, interleaf, label or insert, thanks to the fact that the sensor is fully printable,

- the possibility of economically viable large-scale manufacturing,

- no battery or other power source,

- being made of non-toxic materials,

- being made partially or entirely from biodegradable materials,

- being made using low carbon processes.

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