Innovative textile inserts

In response to the needs of the fashion and textile markets, based on a number of studies and analyses, a product has been developed in the form of an innovative clothing insert, characterised by the following properties:

- multi-colour print with a quality similar to that of offset printing; the insert will correspond colouristically and visually to the unit packaging (cardboard, foil or label),

- a large amount of transferred information. Choice of dimensions, clear representation of even the smallest fonts, microprinting, the possibility of overprinting the insert on both sides and the possibility of manufacturing a two-layer insert will ensure that a considerable amount of information is included in the insert, e.g. a proposal to take part in a promotional campaign, the manufacturer's website address, stylistic advice, etc.,

- print of the manufacturer's logo, even a complex one, in all Pantone colours. Manufacturers often have graphically complicated logos to mark their products. The insert proposed in the project offers this possibility,

- protection against counterfeiting of fashion products by placing on the insert several security systems in the form of embossing, microprinting, gilding, Pantone colour,

- placing a temperature marker indicating incorrect washing of the product.

- placing an individual mark on each insert – thanks to the use of digital technology, the innovative textile insert can bear a unique number. This number may mean, for instance, the batch number, the lot number or the unit (identification) number of a particular product.