Antibacterial varnish

Because we cannot remain indifferent to the situation around us, we have introduced varnishes with bactericidal and virucidal properties to our offer, which is a novelty on the packaging and labeling market in Poland.

The varnish can be applied both on paper and foil surfaces. It is dedicated to all manufacturers for whom safety is important.

The effect of the varnish is based on the process of photocatalysis which removes harmful microorganisms from the label surface (assuming natural or artificial light).

The varnish eliminates up to 99.5% of pathogens of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi from the surface covered by them. It gives a permanent and long-lasting effect and its properties have been proven by clinical studies. It does not contain biocides and nanoparticles that are harmful to health and does not affect the print quality.

For more information about the product, please contact us by phone or email.