Thermochromic paint

The high competition on the market of available goods contributes to the manufacturers' search for newer and newer opportunities to distinguish a product from the competition.

Currently, the labeling market offers many solutions using new production technologies and decorative options. The use of paints and varnishes isone of the above-mentioned methods. The range of available offers include i.a. metallic, luminous paints or any kind of scratch cards. Thermochromic paints have recently enjoyed great interest.

We can distinguish dual-range thermochromic paints, with an irreversible effect and with a reversible effect.

In many cases, dual-range thermochromic paint is used as a marker for product thawing. It can help mark, for instance, goods that require special storage conditions. When the conditions are not met, the marking changes colour. This effect can only be reversed by reaching the so-called clearing temperature that is known to the manufacturer only.

Paints with irreversible effect are used, among other things, for marking products that must be sterilised or autoclaved before use, for instance, surgical instruments used in healthcare facilities. Paint with an irreversible effect is also used for the production of thermal paper.

Paints with reversible effect are used largely in the implementation of marketing activities planned for the product. They can be used to hide the content or images that appear when the paint reaches the change temperature, and then – at temperature cooling – the content will be concealed again.

Moreover, these paints are used for printing security marks on securities, tickets, checks, vouchers, passports. Authenticity is checked by heating the printout by hand.

The paint is used to print packaging and labels, e.g. as a cooling indicator for products such as cold drinks, beers, spirits with high alcohol content, or as a heating indicator for hot food packaging or hot beverage containers.

The use of thermochromic paints opens a wide range of opportunities for manufacturers both
in marketing activities and in terms of protecting their products from all kinds of manipulation attempts.

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