The innovative UV InkJet digital printing technology is a response to the needs of an individual approach and variable data printing on the labels. The key advantage is printing directly from the computer file. In practice this means completely eliminated the plate costs (costs of photopolymers).

Thanks to innovative UV InkJetdigtal printing technology Aniflex provides an opportunity for costs reduction such as decorating and inward process.
Furthermore, digital printing is an excellent solution for short runs of self-adhesive labels.
In connection with an ability to combined labels production (printing a few designs in the same size in the same production cycle) and superior intensity of colors, we can offer a high quality product which meets the requirements of a leading labelling trend – VDP – variable data printing.


InkJet UV digitally printed labels - summary:

  • eliminating plate costs;
  • combined labels production;
  • VDP variable data printing;
  • opimalisationcosts of short runs;
  • provide exceptional durability with no over varnish or laminate needed.